7 Best Gardening Tool Belts

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like planting. Be it for keeping plants in your patio, or growing plants in a larger area, it’s always an exciting thing to do. The joy you get when you see your plants grow is unparalleled. If you are an avid gardener, this article is for you as we are going to review some of the best gardening tool belts here.

Gardening tool belt best

For those of you who are new to this, the Gardening Tool Belt is a handy pouch that you can carry stuff with, or use it for dumping the harvested produce from your garden. Having a gardening tool belt will ease your job of accessing the required tools, every time you need them while you are working in your garden area. So, come on let's get started!

Our Top 7 Picks Compared




Handy Helper

Material - Cotton
No. of Pockets - 3

Pink Tool Belt

Material - Polyester
No. of Pockets - 6

Fasite YL003B

Material - Polyester
No. of Pockets - 7

Esschert Design

Material - Canvas
No. of Pockets - 4

Dickies Single Side

Material - Canvas
No. of Pockets - 5

CLC Custom Leathercraft

Material - Leather
No. of Pockets - 3

NoCry Professional

Material - Canvas
No. of Pockets - 16

Top 7 Best Gardening Tool Belts

Through some research, personal use, and customer reviews, we've come up with our list of the best tool belts for gardening. I hope it will be easy for you to pick one once you are done. 

Handy Helper Tool Belt

This tool belt from Helper Brand is designed to give you an everlasting comfortness when you are on your gardening activities. However, this is not only limited to gardening uses. You can carry it for various other purposes like cleaning, camping, barbecues, hiking, etc.

For instance, if you are going around your home cleaning the furniture and glass materials, you may have to carry a few cleaning equipment and you can’t carry them all at once. With a tool belt as this, you can have them all at your near access. The same concept applies when you are working in your garden. You may have to carry many gardening tools, and this serves the very purpose of carrying them at once. As it comes with a good number of pouches, you can keep all your tools well organized. The pouches are also configurable, that is, the single product can be used in multiple ways.

It can be used as an organizer, a tool belt, a carrier, a pouch or even as a bag. The tool belt is made of light materials so it won’t feel heavy even if you wear it for a long time. You can enjoy your work at the garden without worrying about walking back and forth to your home for all your garden tools. The tool belt feels soft and comes with a durable quality. It is made of soft fabric instead of other metallic, or plastic fabric that will make you feel uncomfortable after a certain time period of you spending time under the sunshine. The belt is quite adjustable and goes well onto a waist measuring up to 44”.

Pink Tool Belt For Women

The Lipstick tool has been in the industry for quite a long time and this pink tool belt is a specially made edition for the women. They aim at providing quality products to its customers and this is no exception. As the company itself is managed by a set of women, they understand the needs of the women and have crafted this product.

The belt is stylish with an attractive pink color. No doubt, it will catch your girl’s eye. Some of the notable features include the metal hooks, big side pockets, middle pocket, and a clip for wearing it on and off. The metal hooks are present on both sides of the belt and it’s designed to carry a somewhat heavier piece of tool like a hammer or a masonry trowel. The side pockets are bigger in size and have enough room to carry all your equipment. The pocket that is provided in the middle can be used for carrying something like a measuring tape or any other item of your choice.

Other than gardening, this tool belt comes very handy for activities like home improvement, do it yourself projects, hanging the frames, cleaning, or carrying a handsome number of tools while you are on a ladder. The belt is designed to fit girls with varying waist sizes. You can adjust the belt according to your comfort. With so many pockets, this will serve you the very purpose of organizing everything all at one place.

Fasite YL003B Gardening Tool Belt

The very appearance of the gardening tool belt from FASITE is quite promising. It is durably built as it appears and comes with a sturdy fabrication. It is designed to withstand wears and tears even after you subject it to intensive usages. It is very rare to find a product that wins both in quality and budget. This is one such product.

The company has been onto this line for more than a decade and are completely focussed on designing durable tool bags at affordable prices. The tool belt is constructed with the 600D polyester material. The use of polyester makes it waterproof, and this is what you need when you are in your garden watering the plants. The edges are subjected to reinforcement and are wear-resistant. You can also find that the waist straps have double-stitches. This makes it to withstand additional weight. The two loops serve to carry pens or pencils, you can use it noting down anything in the course of your gardening or any other activities. And the two slots are for carrying your notepad, mobile phones, glasses, etc.

The product comes in different styles and versions. The green one is best suitable for the garden purposes, and comes as a good choice for girls and women as well. You can carry all your tools comfortably to the garden and make your job easy. The belt is sturdy and you will not feel sagged. The black color tool belt also fits the gardeners. Additionally, it suits the members who are onto carpenting, maintenance, and other household works. There is one more version that will be more suiting if you are working in the dark. It is the green tool belt with reflective strap-safe. You can securely wear it when you need work at night and this gives you a sense of protection.

Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt

This tool belt from Esschert comes with a compact design and construction. It comes with a wide pocket that has enough room to accommodate all your gardening tools in it. The adjustable belt helps you fit with it comfortably.

Unlike other products we saw, this tool belt is exclusively designed to serve the gardening purposes. But still, you can use it for other activities like cleaning, maintenance, etc. This tool belt has a wide range of waist adjustability, from 31” to 53”. So, we can say that it will fit onto almost anyone. The length of the belt is so long that you have enough chance to adjust it according to the person’s waist size. The construction is durable and the material used is sturdy. It is made out of heavy canvas and is quite resistant to withers and tears. Since it is made out of canvas, you can’t machine wash it.

The scrub brush and hose seems to work well for this. There are two big loops and two small loops on the front. You can use them for carrying pens and pencils. The pockets are deep and you can stack up a handsome of tools into it. Other than tools, you can also carry water bottles, mobile phones, pocket radios, notepads, etc. It’s simple design and widely placed pockets make it an apt choice for the active gardeners who will require a lot of stuff during their gardening activities.

Dickies Single Side Tool Belt

The Dickies tool belt comes with a sturdy construction and make. The company itself is known for many products like bags, pouches and belts that are designed to help the workers by making their job easy. The tool belt comes with five pockets and can carry an ample number of tools.

It is made of a durable fabric canvas that stands strong even after aggressive use. The adjustable webbed belt has a wide range of fitting in terms of waist measurements, from 32” to 56”. There are two main large pockets that can carry all your major tools like hand pruner, shovel, weeder, gloves, etc. The heavy-duty web construction adds to its durability and resists wear and tear. Other than the big-sized tools that may fit into the two bigger pockets, you can carry other small tools on the tool loops and smaller pockets available at the side and front. It comes in colors like grey/tan, black, white.

The use of canvas and the reinforcement of pockets, loops have made this product stand stronger. It can be subjected to some extra weight due to its heavy-duty construction. All these make the tool belt to long laster compared to other tool belt products. Other than gardening, this tool belt can be used across various other activities like cleaning, electrical maintenance, or just as a carrier to carry things when you are on a trip. If you are going to use your tool belt across multiple purposes, you should consider this product.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Bag

The CLC firmly believes that quality has nothing to do with the show off. So the company focuses on creating products that are perfect in quality and affordable for the customers. This will be a perfect choice if you have some budget limitations. The features here are quite amazing.

It comes with a durable and heavy duty construction. It withstands wear & tear and comes a long way. It is made of suede leather and has a poly web belt with a buckle that can be released quickly. The three pockets are strongly built to hold nails, screw drivers, fasteners, and other tools. The leather hammer loop at the side is specially designed to carry heavy hammers with you. You can also find a tape measuring strap at the front corner. No doubt, the designers have taken so much care in designing this tool bag. The waist size that this tool bag supports measures in the range 29” to 46”.

The smaller pockets in the sides can be used for carrying tools like scissors, blades, or even pens or pencils. You can keep all your tools in an organized way. So, if you want something, you need not have to keep searching it in every pocket. As the tool bag comes with a strong construction, it is sure to work well for you for a prolonged period. There are also other options with the same brand. In each version, the number of pockets differ. And based on the number of pockets, the price also varies.

NoCry Professional Canvas Apron

This Apron from NoCry comes with an ample number of features that will surprise you. It’s made of highly durable 600D Oxford canvas that is resistant to wear and tear. As it is waterproof, you can use it across various activities like gardening, craft works, painting, home improvements, etc.

Using it is so easy as you just have to wear it over your neck. You can tuck it up over your waist with the quick release buckle. It’s easy to do with buckle fastening and there is no need of tying straps or strings. It fits almost everyone as its waist size ranges from 25” to 55”. With such a flexibility, this tool apron can be put into use across many places of physical work. As said before, the oxford canvas makes this apron to last longer compared to other products. It is resistant to cuts, tears or any abrasions. You can fearlessly use it even in intensive projects.

The number of pockets it has needs a special mention. There are about 16 pockets altogether! They are all of varying sizes and are designed to fit tools of varied size and shapes. There are two hammer loops that are specially designed to fit the heavy hammers. With such a huge number of pockets, you can have all your tools at one place and need not have to run for them every time you need a tool. And what’s more exciting is it’s price, this tool apron comes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a multi-purpose tool apron in addition to your gardening needs, this should be in your buying list.

Buying Guide For Gardening Tool Belt

Now that you know which tool belt for gardening are worth your investment, there are certain factors you must be mindful of when you purchase a tool belt.

1. Building Material

The material out of which the tool belt is made, should be durable. As you will be using it intensively under outside conditions, it should be able to withstand the sunny weather. If the material is not too thick, it may start to wither out over a course of time. At the same time, it shouldn’t feel too heavy on you as you should feel comfortable walking over the garden.

2. Size

This depends on how much tools you will be carrying while venturing into your garden. In general, the size should be such that it is compact in shape and facilitates more tools. See to that it has enough room for all your garden tools, but it shouldn’t be too large. If it's going to be too big, the very purpose of the tool belt to make you more comfortable, will be compensated. In short, it should conveniently fit on you well.

3. Comfort

The very purpose of the gardening tool belt is the comfort it’s going to provide for you. So, it should have all the comfort features that will make your gardening time enjoyable. There should be many compartments for placing all your garden tools. Additionally, you can also check for some extra pockets in the tool belt for keeping your water bottles, phones, pens, notepads, etc.

4. Fit

This is probably one of the important factors to consider before buying a tool belt for your gardening needs. The tool belt should fit conveniently onto you. It shouldn’t feel too heavy for you. The very purpose of the tool belt is to make things easy for you, so you should see that it is light in weight and can be easily carried during the times you walk around your garden. The tools that you may use are hand pruner, hand rake, hand shovel, scissors, weeder, gloves. The tool belt should have enough room to fit all these tools.

5. Price

The gardening tool belts are available at a wide range of prices. There shouldn’t be much confusion if you set your budget right. There are ample choices for you to pick from. But those that we have given here are some of the best products that you can find. So try considering them in addition to your searches too. A good quality tool belt will cost you a little more, but it will come a long way.

Final Words

So, by now, you might have understood the importance of a gardening tool belt for a gardener. Though motivating to do, you can’t ignore the fact that the gardening activities are tiresome and having a tool belt will greatly reduce your workload. The tools are all well organized within a gardening tool belt and they are all procured at a single spot. Importantly, you can easily carry them wherever you move throughout your garden area. The extra pouches allows you to carry water bottles, mobile phones, etc. So, no doubt, this will be of great help to all the garden lovers who spend hours of time in their gardening areas. And as we saw, you can even use the tool belts or aprons for various other activities too. So it is definitely worth spending your money on the tool belts.