7 Best Electrician Tool Pouches Reviewed

Every good electrician knows how important owning a good tool pouch is. Having your tools easily accessible at a certain moment of need is crucial and that can simply be accomplished by using an electrician tool pouch.  If you think that your toolbox is all you need, try to picture an electrical repair near the ceiling. You would probably have to climb a ladder several times just to pick up the right tools from the toolbox or the tool bag. 

Best Electrician Tool Pouche

However, if you were wearing a tool pouch on your waist, you would already have all the tools at your disposal, without even having to move. Now lets take a quick look at the best pouches below. 

A Quick Comparison of Our Top Picks

Review of The 7 Best Electrician Tool Pouches

Style n Craft 70-603 10 Pocket Heavy Duty Tool Pouch

This pouch has ten pockets to fit all your favorite electrician tools, plus other seven additional pockets for screws and other common tools. This way, you will be able to easily fit all your essential tools and keep everything organized thanks to the belt’s sections.

This is a perfect choice if your focus is residential electricity. Just after a few days of usage, you’ll already know where each of your tools is located, due to the way the pockets are situated and designed. You’ll even have specific pockets for your flashlight, for your screwdrivers, for pliers and even for a hammer. The material that makes this tool pouch is leather, and not any kind of leather, as the belt is made from good quality leather that was stitched using heavy duty nylon threads to make sure that it can handle even the toughest of conditions.

This design choice should make the tool pouch last you several years. When it comes to the size, this belt has a tunnel loop that fits up to 2-1/2” wide and is very lightweight, while also remaining comfortable in size – meaning that it’s neither too big nor too small. You’ll also need to remember that the belt must allow you to bend over and move easily, and this one will let you do that.

Occidental Leather 5500

This pouch is made from great quality leather, which translates into a soft and supple finished material. Being made from leather also makes it very durable, and the already hip-shaped construction makes it comfortable to use and not as stiff as other pouches are.

With fifteen pockets, this pouch can handle most of your favorite electrician tools and even has a loop for a flashlight, a chain for electrical tape, a heavy-duty hammer holder, pockets for screwdrivers, along with other specialized tools. However, if you are someone who needs a lot of tools for work, this one might not be the best suited for you. This is a pouch that holds up great after several years of usage, all due to the quality of the materials and its construction. It’s comfortable to use and, even though it’s targeted towards electricians, it can be enjoyed by different sorts of professional workers, such as telecommunications operatives.

With this belt, you can be sure that your tools will stay in place, thanks to its superior workmanship. Regarding comfortability, this tool pouch easily wraps around any waist and will be almost unnoticeable. The quality of the material will make it light enough for you to carry around and move comfortably while using it, which is a very necessary feature for electricians and other workers, that need to carry their tool belts for several hours.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1509 Zippered 21 Pocket

From CLC, this tool pouch classifies as a premium quality work tool for electricians. It has some amazing twenty-one pockets, which is more than enough to fit all your tools. The pouch even has a zippered fold-down cover that can be used to protect all your tools. It also has a steel hammer loop, an ergonomic rubber handle, and an adjustable padded shoulder strap.

The zipper will make sure that nothing falls off the pouch in certain situations, such as climbing a ladder, per instance. The design is also a nice plus and can be enjoyed, not only by electricians but by technology workers alike and even other professionals. To ensure maximum comfort, the back of the belt is air-mesh padded. Even though this one is made from polyester fabric, it has ballistic binding to ensure that it is strong and can withstand daily usage.

The pouch is very durable overall and will last a few good years in good condition. Its strap is also quite comfortable, and the handle is very handy too. Even if the bottom of the pouch is not that strong, this pouch still poses a good option for everyone that needs to safely and comfortably carry their tools around. It’s not bulky and the fact that it can be closed is something that you don’t get in many tool pouches.

McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown Electrician’s Pouch

Intended for easy vertical storage and quick access to all your most-used electrician tools, this pouch is great if you need to remodel or upgrade a home and for other small maintenance projects. It’s made from leather and it manages to be very stiff as a result, meaning that it can handle the carrying of your work tools with ease.

It’s perfect to store the most used electrician tools such as a tape measure, and it even has a tape measure holder. But it can store much more than just that, due to its inner dividers. You can fit screwdrivers, pliers, dykes, a flashlight, tape measure, pens and even knives in it. This McGuire belt is also visually good-looking and if you find it to be too stiff due to the leather material, you can soften it by placing it the oven, after oiling it using some type of oil.

That way, this tool pouch will be way more comfortable to use wrapped around your body, in case you didn’t find it to be comfortable at first. It has twelve pockets and it will easily handle the carrying of even the most extensive set of electrician tools, all because of the good quality-materials that it’s made from and of the process with which it was made.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 5508, 20 Pocket

Another option from CLC is this professional electrician’s tool pouch. It has twenty pockets, which is enough to store all your professional tools and will hold them without efforts thanks to its sturdiness. The quality is good, but it still manages to remain lightweight.

This is a perfect tool belt for small and medium jobs, especially thanks to the inside pockets being so well-spaced. This tool pouch also has a handle and a padded shoulder strap, perfect to carry around. It’s also comfortable, being about just the perfect size to make sure that you won’t hurt your shoulder or back carrying it, while still being able to fit a lot of tools in the process.

 The shoulder strap will save you time and energy and you will also be able to take a glance at its inside when leaving somewhere, just to make sure that all your tools are accounted for. Regarding the pockets, you can count with six larger screwdriver holders, a heavy-duty tool snap, an electrical tape strap, and a steel hammer loop. The material which the pouch is made of is a double layer of rugged and ballistic poly fabric.

NKTM Leather Heavy Duty Tool Pouch with 4 Pockets

This tool pouch is made from good quality leather material, making it a sturdy and durable belt capable of lasting you many years. To extend that quality even further, this pouch also has ten polished metal-reinforced rivets. Its construction is nice and makes it an overall stiff pouch, which can be softened just like explained on our previous option.

Even if the material is thick and strong, the belt still manages to be lightweight and is conveniently comfortable to use. This leather pouch will also withstand the most adverse work conditions and it’s easy to clean off at the end. With plenty of pockets, this is a perfect tool pouch for any electrical worker but it’s still compact enough to get out of your way when performing tasks.

It has four compact pockets, which gives you easy access to all your tools. You can also count with tapered compartments, which are intended to stabilize your tools and prevent them from swinging. There are also specific pockets for a hammer, for pliers, for screwdrivers, for a utility knife and more. The belt loop handles up to a 3” belt and can be worn either on the left or on the right.

LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Pouch, 10 Pockets

Made from 100% genuine leather, this is a user-friendly tool pouch that has just about the perfect number of pockets, and they are all just the perfect size. In addition to its ten pockets, the belt also has two hammer holders, being perfect for anyone who works in the construction field.

This pouch has a professional and solid build, designed to withstand heavy duties and to resist the wear and tear of the job. It feels very durable as a result and the pockets can hold the tools with ease thanks to the reinforced edging. Once on your waist, the pouch is secured, and you’ll still feel comfortable moving with it since it isn’t too big or too small.

Another great feature is that the Lautus brand offers a lifetime warranty for the product, reinforcing its amazing quality. On the inside, you’ll have four large pockets, two small pockets, a squared box for a tape measure, four pockets for pencils, screwdrivers and other smaller items and two hammer holders with metal loops.

Either if you are a carpenter, an electrician or just a handyman around the house, you will find this multipurpose tool bag very capable of handling the carrying of your most-used tools.

What to Keep in Mind when Buying a Tool Pouch

When looking for a new tool pouch, there are some key factors that you should keep in mind. Although this can be a very personal decision, the following features should appeal to every electrician.


The carrying capacity of the tool pouch should be one of the most important aspects when buying a new pouch. Take your time to figure out how many pockets would be the best choice for you, considering your most used tools under the most varied circumstances. Most tool pouches can have from ten to thirty pockets.


Another feature to be very aware of is how comfortable you feel wearing such a belt. You’ll have to be sure that the pouch fits you properly, otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable wearing it. Looking for a tool pouch that has holes in it is a good way to tell that they are easily adjustable to your waist.


If you are going to invest your money on a new belt, you’ll also have to make sure that it can last a long time. Since a tool pouch is intended to carry a considerable amount of weight for several hours, it should be sturdy and nicely finished, otherwise, it will just rip in no time.


The material that the belt is made of will also have a big impact on its durability. But carrying the weight of your tools isn’t the only thing the material should be able to handle. You also must think about your tools and how they can easily damage the pockets in the tool pouch. Go with a leather or a nylon pouch, as those are more resistant materials.

Final Words

Now that you have a few options to choose from, it’s time to decide. First, you must assess your work requirements: think about the tools that you’ll need to put in the pouch and if you will benefit from any of the additional special compartments or tools. The material and the quality build are also a very important aspect to investigate and decide upon. Even if more quality means that it’s more expensive, it will probably last you for a longer period.