Average Cost to Tear off and Replace Roof

No matter how good your home is, it's pertinent that it'll require replacement or repairs every now and then. The same goes for your roof. Everyone needs a roof over their head, so it's essential that you keep it in tip-top condition. Wondering how much you have to spend on roof replacement? Should you do it by yourself or call a professional? We’ve got you covered.

What is the average cost to tear off and replace roof In 2020

In 2020, the national average for roof replacement rounds out at $7,211. Generally, people spend anywhere between $4,707 to $10,460 depending on the size of the roof and materials used.

The installation expenditure can range from $350 to $550 per square or $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot (1 square = 100 square feet). If you want to hire a professional roof inspector, the cost will be between $100-$300.

However, it’s a complete misconception that roof replacement is a very simple task. There are various factors involved in the process, and it's very challenging to predict precisely how much it'll cost. Numerous factors, like the size of your roof, total layers of roofing, pitch, and types of roofing sheets, can have a significant impact on the total expenditure.

Estimating Roofing Cost

By now you have some idea about the average cost to tear off and replace roof but now is the time to dig deper. Estimating your new roofing system can include various factors like repairs, framing strengthening, mold removal, repairs around skylights, sheathing, soffits, and replacement of flashings. Most of these will be unknown until you hire a professional to examine your roof.

One of the most important factors in determining the expenditure of your new roof is the inclusion of the pitch of your roof. Typically, the angle of your roof will maintain a pitch between 4/12-9/12.

  • Pitch: Your roof’s pitch is the inclination demonstrated as a fraction obtained by dividing the rise by the span. The roof’s span is expressed as the distance between the top plate of one wall to another.
  • Slope: It’s the inclination of your roof. It’s displayed as the ratio of the roof’s vertical rise to the roof’s horizontal run. The run is estimated as some portion of the span. The ratio is always displayed as inches per foot.

The following formula can be helpful when deciding your roofing options.

Total cost of labor and materials ÷ roof life expectancy (in years)=yearly cost

Cost Factors For A New Roof

A new roof can cost you anywhere from $4,707-$10,460. Many times, your contractor might offer you a sweet price of $3000 when you talk to them over the phone. However, after closer inspection, the expenditure can go up anywhere between $6000-$8000. Why does this happen? Your initial offer often excludes the hassles your contractor might face while running your project like problems with your chimneys, gutters, ventilation, etc. All of these could shoot up your total cost. As they begin your roof replacement project, a professional will reassess the total cost, depending on what they'll have to do.

There could be various factors behind this, such as:

  • Gutter damage
  • Soffit and Fascia damage
  • Pooling water
  • The previous installation can make new installation challenging
  • Mold
  • Winter damage
  • Substrate or deck damage
  • Removing excess layers
  • Skylight flashing or leaking chimney

There are various types of pitch, and certain types are more expensive:

  • Tudor: They have various slopes, eaves, and can be challenging. In comparison to other types, they can also be more expensive.
  • Colonial: Possesses fewer slopes but isn’t problematic
  • Ranch style: Straightforward and significantly more affordable

If there's an overhead cost, your contractor will inform you about the same, so you must keep some extra cash just in case.

Labor Cost For Roofing Per Square Foot

Various factors determine the labor cost, such as the condition of the structure and the products you're installing. Generally, you can expect to shelve out $150-$300 per square or $1.50-$3 for every square foot on labor for roofing projects. For most projects, overhead and labor contribute 60% of the total cost. For instance, if the total cost for your new roof is $7,500, about $4,500 will go towards overhead and labor.

Roofing Material Prices

Depending on the type you want to go for, materials required for roofing alone can cost anywhere between $200-$1000 per square foot. According to the United States census, if your roof is 17 squares, the average cost of roofing products will equal to:

  • $25,000 and above for copper
  • $20,000 for premium options like slate
  • $14,000 for stainless steel
  • $3,000 for galvanized steel
  • $2,500 for 3-tab asphalt shingles

It's safe to estimate that for most projects, the final expenditure will equal 60% labor and 40% product.

Roof Shingles Expenditure Calculator

Singles are the most in-demand material for roofing. Most people relate asphalt with shingles, but this category includes various shingles like metal, wood, slate, clay, and concrete shingles.

On average, it can cost $4000-$10,000 to reshingle your rook. However, the materials used for reshingling will also add up to the final cost. Metal and asphalt reshingling are the most popular, but if you want more expensive premium reshingling, you can opt for solar and clay.

Cost For Asphalt Reshingling

If you want to reshingle your asphalt roof with new shingles, it'll cost an average of about $7200 for a 2000 square foot house, excluding old roof removal. Whether you're going for a fiber cement composite shingle installation or a composite shingle asphalt roof, the total expenditure can vary.

If you want the least expensive option, you can opt for asphalt shingles. The cost of removing and installing a new asphalt roof can come to under $8000 for a 1,500 square foot house. On the other hand, concrete shingles expenditure for the same project can set you back to about $25,000.

Metal Roof Costs

Generally, homeowners spend between $7,858-$14,412 for a new metal roof. The materials chosen and the size of the roof will also add up to the final expenditure. On average, the cost for metal roofing can cost from $600-$1,200 per square installation. However, the cost for metal roof installation will vary depending on the manufacturer, size of your house, and the type of materials you've chosen. Metal and asphalt shingles are two of the most common type of reshingling.

Cost Of Roof Tile Replacement

On average, for every square foot, roof tile replacement expenditure can range between $1,400-$1,600for clay, Spanish, and concrete tiles. Tiles are heavier and will set you back an extra $1,000 of you plan on upgrading your entire roof framing in order to support the additional weight.

Cost For Spanish Tile Roof

In comparison to concrete or clay tiles, Spanish tiles are a little more stylish, and you can expect to pay $1,500-$1,600 per square for installation and about $1000 initially if your entire roof framing needs an upgrade to support the extra weight.

Cost For Concrete Roof Tile

Typically, concrete tiles can cost $1,500 per square. On an average, installation can set you back $22,500-$30,000. After inspecting your current roofs' structural integrity, your contractor might recommend repairs or strengthening for the rafters to support the additional weight of the heavier products.

Cost For Clay Tile Roof

On average, clay tile roofs can cost about $1,500 per square. Depending on the size of your roof, the average expenditure for installing new clay tile roof can range from $15,000-$45,000.

Replacement Vs Repairing - Which Costs More?

For repairing a roof, the cost can be between $200-$3000. Most people pay between $225-$1,150. The extent of the damage and materials required for repairing are also significant factors for repairing costs. If your roof is more than 20 years old or it has incurred extensive damages and requires replacement, you can expect to pay about $7000 for roof replacement.

When Should You Consider Roof Replacement

Even if your roof is in optimal condition with no signs of leaking, it’s recommended that you hire a professional to examine the situation if the roof is 20 years or older. If your roof shows any signs listed below, you should consider replacement:

  • Moss
  • $20,000 for premium options like slate
  • Dark streaks as an outcome from airborne algae
  • The roof looks worn-out or old
  • If your roof is 20 years old or older
  • Granules missing with bald spots
  • Shingle tabs are cupped or cracked, or the edges are curled

Expenditure For Redoing A Roof With A different Type

Generally, the reinforcement will cost between $500-$1,500. The total cost also depends on the size of your home and the extend of reinforcement required. However, if you want to replace your current asphalt roof with a heavier roof type like stone tiles, you'll have to pay extra as there might be requirements for reinforcements in the roof framing structure's joists and rafters to support the excess weight. Additionally, labor and your chosen roofing material will add up to the final cost.

Hiring A Professional Vs. DIY Roof Replacement​

If you want to replace your roof by yourself, the cost for an asphalt roof will be $3000 less (3-tab shingles) to about $6,000 less for architectural shingles. If your roof requires minimal repairs, DIY projects might be easier and significantly cheaper as long as you follow strict safety precautions. However, its highly recommended that you hire a professional. DIY projects carry various downsides such as:

  • While removing your existing roof, you can cause problems that can lead to leaks
  • After you remove your roof, you might miss structural issues or other factors that can lead to more leaks
  • You could decrease your home’s resale value
  • You could fall off from your roof
  • You might cause problems that result in extra utility costs like cooling or heating
  • You may fail to install a perfect weather seal while installing your new roof

If you want to replace your roof by yourself, the cost for an asphalt roof will be $3000 less (3-tab shingles) to about $6,000 less for architectural shingles. If your roof requires minimal repairs, DIY projects might be easier and significantly cheaper as long as you follow strict safety precautions. However, its highly recommended that you hire a professional. DIY projects carry various downsides such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Roofing Do I Require?

If the roofing area is flat, you'll require more material in comparison to an incline. In the case of a flat roof, the square foot of your house's uppermost floor will amount to the total amount of materials required with an additional 10% for wastage. Further, if you have a traditional roof with an angle, you’ll have to factor in the angled area into the total square footage.

How Long Does A Roof Last?

It depends on the kind of roof you get. For asphalt shingle rooftops, 20 years is the average life expectancy. Fibre cement shingles will last you a good 25 years. Wood shake roofs can last up to 30 years.

Which one is better: Shingles or Metal Roof?

Metals are generally more expensive than singles but last way longer. If you want the ultimate protection against snow, wind, and rain, you must opt for a metal roof. In most cases, metal roofs can last for an impressive 50 years. However, metal roofs have their drawbacks as well. It can be very heavy for some applications. On the other hand, singles can improve your home's aesthetics and are easy to recycle. If you're on a tight budget, you can opt for shingles.

How Much Will New Roof Installation Cost Me?

Constructing a whole new roof for your home can cost anywhere between $10,000-$20,000. The materials you use will also factor in the total cost. The installation costs include the expenditure on labor, supplies, shingles, and underlayment, and the cost of new trusses and framing. If you opt for metal framing instead of wood, the total cost will be more.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For A Green Roof?

A green roof can cover the entire useable space on your roof or just a portion with live green vegetation. On average, a green roof can cost between $25-$41 for every square foot. The installation cost for green roof per square foot will decrease when the size increases.